If both you and your partner want to have a totally healthy relationship where trust is a fundamental pillar, take note of these simple tips to make your relationship unstoppable and trusting each other. Long live love!

Within each couple there are operating rules, implicit negotiations or those that are established in a totally explicit way seeking as a goal the good understanding, respect and promote the freedom and individual fulfillment of each of its parts with the support of the other. This is how love should be. If you want to live one of those stories that we believe and hope to be for a lifetime, one of the key points to discuss is trust.

We cannot forget that the role we play as a couple continues to be an extension of our personal values so, in many cases, our weaknesses or those areas that we do not know how to handle with greater ease can have an impact on working as a couple, creating conflicts or situations that have to work or positioning ourselves in a harmful or intolerant way with respect to the person with whom we share that very intimate sphere of our life.

One of the fundamental concepts in every relationship is trust, focus of many conflicts and that on many occasions is affected by the routine, previous stories, expectations in the other, etc., thereby damaging the communication and freedom of each of its members to be themselves. Some of the aspects that we could consider to improve trust in a relationship are the following.


  1. Encourage communication in your relationship

You have to work on communication, trying to show an openness to listen to the opinion of the other person in both daily and relevant aspects of the relationship, trying to encourage it and creating opportune moments and climates so that it does not happen quickly and try not to create misunderstandings or interferences in the exchange of information. And it is that love is demonstrated day by day and in the small details.


  1. Improve Couple Trust Sharing Time Together

One of the things that help to solve the problems of trust as a couple is to have space and time to enjoy both.

Sometimes couples do not have the possibility of having a minimum of intimacy, because both live with parents, or that there are already children in common or from previous marriages.

It also happens that the dynamics of modern life, with thousands of things, always pending to be done, a lot of work to sustain and obligations, making it difficult to enjoy time for the couple.

All these circumstances may conspire against the mutual trust that both must create; Therefore, in order to change that aspect, it is best that they strive to organize a space for only two.


  1. Trust yourself

Rest assured that to trust our partner, first of all we must trust ourselves, taking care of our self-esteem and valuing our points of view, giving rise to a climate of trust where we can project our relationship in a healthy and constructive way without leaving room for the distrust created by previous experiences or with other people.


  1. Be clear and sincere

Approach the relationship from a sincere and assertive approach, defending your ideas and making them clearly reach your partner so that frustrations or misunderstandings that can lead to friction points in communication do not arise.


  1. Be also empathetic and understanding in your relationship

Of course, it is also important to be empathetic and understanding, not letting ourselves be carried away by expectations or by our only vision of facing things, considering putting ourselves in the place of the other and trying to understand their points of view in order to build these common agreements based on our own personal confidence. 

Treating your partner with love and respect in the face of adversities that arise in your relationship will help you face it in a positive and, above all, united way. You know, opt for an 'I love you ' and a constructive way of seeing life rather than reproach.


  1. Get involved in your relationship

Create common projects and feed the routine with initiatives by both parties, not letting one of the partners always carry that burden, which will possibly lead to an inequality that will sooner or later create a point of conflict and distrust.


  1. Respect above all

We have to respect ourselves and the other, trying not to judge their actions first or always positioning ourselves in the assignment before a daily or important negotiation. With this, it will not only boost the trust you people have for each other but also, create a very happy and lively relationship.


  1. Ask yourself what you really need

Emphasize one's own and others' needs, trying to incorporate them into the relationship and sharing them with your love if possible, making them part of the common points or looking for how to develop them individually seeking to feel more complete.

All this plus the incessant self-care of our personal spheres at family, work and social level will help the growth and trust in a relationship, avoiding creating frustrations, inflection points, and intolerance and self-distrust and in the relationship.