Do you feel that your relationship is at risk of ending? In addition, you think they no longer have a future together and you don't know how to revive the flame of love as a couple, don't be distressed!

The good news is that you have not yet lost the most important thing: hope.

Well, now you are on the right track to solve your situation; do not hesitate and read on!

Each couple is a world apart. They are all diverse as are those who integrate them; But, there are guidelines that remain unchanged in relationships, no matter how different they may be.

If you are determined not to give up and learn how to relive the flame of love as a couple, here are tricks that will help you recover what you think is lost in your relationship.



The first thing you need is to make a count.

The history of your relationship can give you many clues to solve the current problem.

Go back in time and answer these simple questions:



Recreate the details that surrounded that moment:

  • The first time they saw each other
  • The place
  • Who accompanied them
  • The first words they exchanged
  • The specific circumstance as clearly as possible

Close your eyes and revive those moments as if it were in the present tense.

Do you remember what you felt? Was it all a crush at first sight or did love grow rampant afterwards?

Did you feel nervous to see it or with “butterflies” in your stomach?



Go back in time: do you remember the first kiss? Was it what you expected?

And the first time you made love? Recreate what you felt in those moments.

Were you very scared? And surely, later experiences were better than those first times.

Perhaps, until you have more than one funny anecdote from those moments when neither of you knew how the other liked kisses or caresses.



There can be many reasons.

Even the surrounding circumstance may have influenced; that happens, for example, when a baby comes sooner than they expected.

But, the decision to form a couple is always given by mutual feelings of love and affection towards that other with whom you want to share your world.



Communication is the most powerful tool of human beings, it makes us have the ability to express, at all times, what we feel or think.

That is in theory, because in practice not everyone knows how to use this tool, because talking is not always communicating.

The healthy communication partner is vital!

In a relationship, it is essential to communicate and, of course, to do it correctly.

If from the beginning of the relationship you do not tell him how you feel, what you think in relation to both, what happens to you at certain times, you are going the wrong way.


  • He is not you, therefore he does not know what happens in your head and your heart if you do not tell him.
  • Women have certain abilities of observation, and even intuition that allow them to realize things without anyone telling them.
  • The male mind works differently, of course, but that is not the issue.
  • As observant or intuitive as you are, you can't know all the time what your boy feels if he doesn't tell you, and vice versa.
  • If what you want is to understand how to revive the flame of love as a couple, you need to sit down and talk with him.
  • It's not about arguing or fighting, much less insults or screams.
  • The objective has to be, first and foremost, to understand the other.
  • Communicating what you feel, at the right time, can avoid many future problems.

But, if the problem is already there, if you already let things happen, if you should have already said and did not, then you have to stop and try to understand each other:

  • Express our feelings
  • Let the other know what we think and not let him guess
  • Tell him what you don't like
  • Know also, listen to what your partner have to tell you



If you follow the advice above, keep the following in mind.

To be able to communicate and be understood by the other person, you have to learn how to do it.

If you are very possessive, or you always like to have the last word, or above all you want to be right at all times, stop !!, that is not the way to recover the love of your partner.

If you are looking for a culprit all the time, or you see betrayals and bad things, stop again!

Reheat a little and be calm. Breathe, relax and think things well.

Are you really always right? Is he always the culprit?

Is it necessary that you always control everything? At his side are all disappointments?

It seems to me that it shouldn't be that much.


If you want to know how to revive the flame of love in your relationship, if you want to recover what seems lost or about to be lost, the first thing you have to learn is to give in and leave space when you talk or discuss with him.

It's not that they don't fight. It's not about not arguing. All relationships have arguments and misunderstandings.

In all there are differences of criteria, whoever tells you otherwise lies blatantly.

The important thing is to learn to discuss and, more than that, to dialogue, to talk, and retaking what I told you before, to communicate, to listen.

Don't put a NO in your mind before he explain something to you.

Do not censor what he says without having finished expressing himself. Listen to him, show him that you know how to do it and show him how.

You will see that with tenderness and patience they can soften the differences. It's worth a try!